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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

oops! Bullets to Bibles Too Early!!

Dear Subscribers,
I'm so excited to already have you on board that I messed up and sent out the first Bite Size Bible study a month early!
(For those of you who subscribed this morning, you wouldn't have gotten this study, but you can view it on the Bite Size site.)

Not sure how I made this mistake, but it probably won't be the last one I make!

Well, perhaps God had His purposes.

And it gives me a chance to ask you a question....to do a little "survey."

Would you rather have the Scripture verses LINKED as they are in the "Bullets and Bibles" you received in your email box?

Or would you like the complete text of the verses within the body of the Bible study as they are in my edited version of "Bullets and Bibles" on the blog site HERE.

Let me hear from you....I'd also love to hear your answers/insights on "Bullets and Bibles"....just leave them in the comment section of the blog so everyone can benefit. 

Lord willing (and if I can keep my blogging in order), the next study won't come out until the first Monday in March!

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