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Friday, March 15, 2013

"I Can't Change" - Let God's Word Transform You from the Inside Out - INSIGHTS

Before reading these insights, I encourage you to do the Bible Study. And I'd love to hear your insights as well. ~ Gail

1. In Psalm 119:9-16, identify the different ways the Psalmist connects with God's Word.

The Psalmist shows respect for God's Word by: 
  • studying it (v.15)
  • obeying it (v.9) 
He shows love for God's Word by: 
  • rejoicing in it (v.14) 
  • delighting in it (v.16) 
He shows a commitment to God's Word by: 
  • memorizing it--hiding it in his heart (v.11) and not forgetting it (v. 16) 
  • meditating on it--reciting (13) and reflecting on it (v.15) 

2. Where does transformation start? 

Ever wonder why some Christians grow quickly and behave in godly ways while others live pretty much like the rest of the world? It's related to how much we renew our minds. After my conversion, I had an initial burst of renewal. I wanted to read my Bible and Christian books, listen to Christian teachers, and have Christian fellowship. Many people experience this, and it dramatically changes their world view.

Romans 12:1-2: 
The renewal process that begins when we follow Christ is a process that continues daily. If we aren't renewing our minds with godly influences, we'll conform to the influences of the world around us.

2 Corinthians 10:5: 
This verse shows us that renewal of our minds is an aggressive, proactive process--taking ungodly thoughts captive.

Beliefs must be firmly rooted and nurtured in our minds before they begin to affect our lifestyle.

3. How does verse 8 (below) apply to changing our bad habits or does it? 

Philippians 4:8: 
This verse is about attitude--habitually thinking godly thoughts. The more we do it, the more natural it becomes. Some rare souls have a positive attitude naturally, but most of us need to develop a Philippians 4:8 attitude. 

We can train our minds to think the right things, but it takes practice before it becomes a habit.
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