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Friday, April 12, 2013

One of a Kind Book Insights

These are my insights, and a personal object lesson that God taught me today. 

1. Read Psalm 19:7-11 and list the characteristics and benefits of God's Word. In this passage, a variety of names are used for God's Word--law, precepts, statutes, commands, decrees. 

More precious than gold, than much pure gold 
Sweeter than honey, than honey from the honeycomb 

My granddaughter and I have a little Bible Club sometimes, and one week I bought some chocolate coins covered in gold foil and she enjoyed eating the object lesson about God's Word being more precious than gold and sweeter than honey. 

Refreshes the soul 
Makes wise the simple 
Gives joy to the heart 
Gives light to the eyes 
Gives warning 
Brings reward when obeyed 

2. Most of us have heard the words of Matthew 4:4 repeatedly, but take a few moments to think about the meaning and ask yourself if your life reflects this truth. 

Often when I'm studying something, God gives me an object lesson. This morning I was faced with a difficult situation, and I spent the next 6 hours trying to think of ways to solve my problem. I wrote a couple of emails I didn't send, talked to my husband, and did a bunch of fretting. 

Basically, I starved all day and grew weak. Then, I remembered what I needed more than bread and pulled out my Bible and journal, went out on my patio, and had some time with the Lord. It changed my perspective completely. God spoke to me through some Scripture verses, and I did the right thing--something I could have done hours before if I'd fed myself real food instead of the junk food I kept nibbling on. 

So what did God show you in this short study? I'd love to have you leave a comment and share.

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