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Hi! I'm Gail--a wife to my best friend since 1970, a mother since 1973 and a grandmother 2003.

Born in Colorado but raised all over the U.S., I've been an Army wife (22 years) and a missionary to Budapest,  Hungary (5 years). But the title I'm most proud to have is "follower-of-Jesus" (40+ years).
I started Bite Size Bible Study as a supplement to Bible Love Notes, my site that features 1-Minute devotions every weekday.
Bite Size studies are designed for busy people who don't want to "bite off more than they can chew" but still want to do a quick Bible study each week.

The full text of all Scripture verses are included and there are usually no more than 3 questions. The studies are designed to do quickly in perhaps 5 minutes or less. But they also lend themselves to further study and journaling if you have the time. 

I have a Masters Degree from Columbia Biblical Seminary, but most of what I've learned about the Bible has been "on the job training" during my 60+ years of life. I've always loved studying the Bible, and I started writing Bible studies for my personal use over 25 years ago. 

I need to be challenged, encouraged, corrected and comforted by God's Word, so I study it and write what God is teaching me. 
I hope you'll enjoy these Bible studies. Subscribe and have them sent to your email box and/or download them,* if you'd like. I pray they will draw you into a deeper understanding of God and His Word.

* You have my permission to download these studies for non-published, non-profit purposes retaining the copyright info at the bottom of each. Thanks!


  1. Love the idea of small but regular learning. Thanks for the effort and time you have given. Looking forward to reading more

  2. It's great to meet you. My husband is originally from Colorado, and he loved living there.


  3. What a neat idea. I look forward to reading your posts. :)

  4. I stopped by your other blog...and still hopping over from UBP13.

    Kerry Beck

  5. It is nice to meet you.
    I love the idea of the bite size studies.
    Thank you for sharing a bit about your life.

    Enjoy the hopping.
    I'm visiting from the UBP

  6. I am so excited to have found you via UBP13! I have been looking for something to pick me up while at work and your blog is just the thing. Thanks for sharing.

    Courtney @ Simply Selman

  7. Happy I found your blog through the UBP! I am raising a daughter with special needs and sometimes feel like there is never enough time in the day! Bite Size Bible Study is such a great idea for those busy days! I share about my faith and daily life over on my blog www.cupcakesandhomeschool.com Hope you'll check it out!

  8. Hi Gail - I just discovered you a couple of days ago - and now we're following each other on Twitter! I'm just now having a chance to check out your sites so I hope you won't make any changes before I can view them over the next few days. You know me on Twitter as @pjalford1611

  9. Gail I would love to do a Bible Study in my home on this particular topic How & What? Do you have any books or suggestions on material I could use to do this?

  10. It's nice to meet you Gail! My name is Melissa. I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy and appreciate your "1 minute Bible love notes"!! I'm a disabled wife and mother of a grown son.I'm at home every day and your "notes" is something I look forward to getting each day! Thanks so much! Sincerely, Melissa.

    1. Thank you, Melissa, for taking the time to encourage me! I'm always blessed to know that the things I write are encouraging other Christians. And I lift you in prayer as I write this - that you will continue to feel God's purpose, strength, comfort and peace in your life. God bless you.

  11. Hi Gail. Thank you for the good Bite Size Bible Study. I often use some of the info in my sermons. You have good clear thoughts with matching scriptures. Thanks so much for the encourage it brings each day. God bless you in this on going ministry that our Heavenly Father has given you.

  12. Thank you so much for your encouragement. It blesses me to know that God is using the things I do.
    God Bless your ministry.

  13. Hi Gail! I just wanted to hop in to thank you for your bible love notes and the bite sized bible study! They both encourage my heart so much and it actually leaps with joy when I see the bible love notes in my inbox! For a busy momma it helps me to refer to during the day as I can, not only in my quiet time. Not to mention I totally admire your short, concise, powerful way of writing... I wish I could ... I'm not so good at well -short ! Ha! Anyways thank you for the blessing that you are :)


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