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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Jesus' Role in Every New Testament Book

Jesus, New Testament
Jesus praying
Four Mondays a month, Bite Size Bible Study offers a short, nutritious Bible study. 

On the 5th Monday of the month (like today), instead of a Bible study, Bite Size publishes a "Bible Help"--something that gives insights into God's wonderful Word. 

The Bible Helps archive is HERE. You might especially like to compare "Jesus in the Old Testament" with today's look at Christ's role in each New Testament book. 

Because Christ is God’s Message to us (Hebrews 1:1-3), different aspects of His character are emphasized in each New Testament book! 
  • In Matthew—Christ is the Fulfillment of All Old Testament Prophecies 
  • Mark—He is the Miracle Worker, the Servant 
  • Luke—He is the Son of Man Who Felt What We Feel  
  • John—The Son of God, The Word 
  • Acts— Ascended Lord and Giver of the Spirit 
  • Romans—The Justifier and Righteousness of God 
  • 1 Corinthians –The God of All Comfort 
  • 2 Corinthians—Our Righteousness 
  • Galatians—The One Who Redeems us from the Curse 
  • Ephesians—Head of the Church 
  • Philippians—Supplier of our Every Need 
  • Colossians—The Fullness of the Godhead 
  • 1,2 Thessalonians—The Soon and Coming King 
  • 1,2 Timothy—The Mediator Between God & Man 
  • Titus—The Truth 
  • Philemon—The Benefactor 
  • Hebrews—The Blood that Covers Sins 
  • James—Our Pattern of Faith and the Great Physician 
  • 1,2 Peter—The Great Shepherd 
  • 1,2,3, John—Everlasting Love 
  • Jude—The Foundation of our Faith 
  • Revelation—Alpha & Omega, Beginning & End, King of Kings and Lord of Lords! The One Who is Coming Again! 
This list is compiled from various non-copyrighted lists.

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