Learning to Walk More Faithfully with the Lord

This short Article offers 8 practical ways to improve your walk with the Lord and resources for more encouragement.

Note: This is not the normal Bite Size Bible study. Instead, it offers a list of helpful steps to take in improving your walk with the Lord, and it offers multiple resources that reinforce those points. 

Christianity is not a passive faith. Genuine believers want to become more like Christ.  And here are some practical ways to do that:

1. Write prayer requests on sticky notes and put them somewhere you'll see them (e.g. your bathroom mirror, your desk, your frig).
2. Use daily activities to remind yourself to pray for specific concerns (e.g. Every time you open your car door, pray that God will open doors for your small group to share the gospel.)
For more ideas like this, see Every Time I Drink a Glass of Iced Tea & Photos and Prayer.
3. Don't let your head hit the pillow until you've read the Bible for at least 5 minutes each day.
4. Get an audio version of the Bible and listen to it while driving.
For more encouragement read Dark Chocolate Bible & Spiritual Atrophy.
5. Be careful about the influences in your life. Clean out your bookcase and get rid of books with messages that aren't pleasing to God. 
This short Article offers 8 practical ways to improve your walk with the Lord and resources for more encouragement.
6. Pray about each TV show you watch, asking God if it is a good use of your time.

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7. Start praying for one unsaved person daily.
8. Write out your testimony and practice it so you will be able to share it concisely when you have opportunity.
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copyright 2014, Gail Burton Purath, BiteSizeBibleStudy.com, edited and updated in 2022


  1. Thank YOU! I’ve been in awe at how God has FINALLY made me aware that the seasons of life are always for good...His word stands forever...His Word is the thing that gives us strength in those times we are going through things we never imagined...HOW important it is to PREPARE ourselves for anything by being filled with His word. It’s never a duty-I now know/it’s our weapon! It’s got every single tool for every single type of thing we will face. We MUST know our identity IN Christ to be able to be the person He purposely and skillfully crafted us to be in our mothers womb! He wants us to ALL know that none of us are an accident, a lost cause, or unloved, or abandoned...He will never stop pursuing you...He IS Love!

    Just a bit of a random post and maybe not well thought out or written but I just want to say thanks and whoever MAY come across this-YOU are the apple of Gods eye-nothing you ever do-or have done-or ever try to do-will ever make God love you more /or less than He does RIGHT now...just the same as when He sent His son Jesus Christ to die for YOU on the cross....YOU are important-the lies of the enemy are not strong enough to come against you if you spend time getting to know your identity IN Christ!!!! ��

  2. Thank you so much. This was beautifully written and I know it will make God and I closer❤