How Does God Speak Today?

Does God Still Speak in Dreams and Visions?

As an introduction to this Bible study, please read the 1-minute devotion Divine Guidance.

It explains that our most reliable resource for knowing God's truth is His Word.  But God sometimes speaks to us in other ways. However, whenever God prompts us to do something, it will NEVER contradict the words of Scripture. In addition, it will never be on the same level as Scripture. Now that the canon of Scripture is complete, any dreams, visions, or words from God will be for individual or group guidance, not worldwide distribution.

Does God Still Speak in Dreams and Visions?

1. We must use discernment because some people claim to have a word or teaching from God when they don't.

Note where these false dreams and visions originate:

Jeremiah 23:16-18: This is what the Lord Almighty says: “Do not listen to what the prophets are prophesying to you; they fill you with false hopes. They speak visions from their own minds, not from the mouth of the Lord. 17 They keep saying to those who despise me, ‘The Lord says: You will have peace.’ And to all who follow the stubbornness of their hearts they say, ‘No harm will come to you.’ 18 But which of them has stood in the council of the Lord to see or to hear his word? Who has listened and heard his word? 

Verse 18 is key. Now that Scripture is complete, our most reliable source of information is God's Word. 

Ezekiel 13:1-9: Then this message came to me from the Lord: 2 “Son of man, prophesy against the false prophets of Israel who are inventing their own prophecies. Say to them, ‘Listen to the word of the Lord. 3 This is what the Sovereign Lord says: What sorrow awaits the false prophets who are following their own imaginations and have seen nothing at all!’ ... 6 Instead, they have told lies and made false predictions. They say, ‘This message is from the Lord,’ even though the Lord never sent them. And yet they expect him to fulfill their prophecies! 7 Can your visions be anything but false if you claim, ‘This message is from the Lord,’ when I have not even spoken to you? 8 “Therefore, this is what the Sovereign Lord says: Because what you say is false and your visions are a lie, I will stand against you, says the Sovereign Lord. 9 I will raise my fist against all the prophets who see false visions and make lying predictions, and they will be banished from the community of Israel.

Please take time to read about the popular Jesus Calling books which the author claims are the words of Jesus, not her words: Are Sarah Young's Claims Biblical?

2. Look at each of these dreams or visions and note the purpose and meaning. 

Which were for individual or group guidance? Which were messages for all of God’s people, part of God’s unfolding message of Scripture? 

Does God Still Speak in Dreams and Visions? This short Bible study addresses that question.
Abraham : Genesis 15:1-16

Abimelech: Genesis 20:1-7 

Jacob: Genesis 28:10-17 

Joseph: Genesis 37:1-11 

Pharaoh's cupbearer and baker: Genesis 40 

Pharaoh: Genesis 41 

Samuel : 1 Samuel 3 

The Midianite and Amalekite armies: Judges 7:12-15 

Solomon: 1 Kings 3:5-14

Nebuchadnezzar: Daniel 2; 4 

New Testament Dreams and Visions 

Zacharias: Luke 1:5-23 

Joseph: Matthew 1:20-24; 2:13 

Pilate's wife: Matthew 27:19 

Ananias: Acts 9:10-15

Cornelius Acts 10:1-6 

Peter : Acts 10:9-15 

Paul: Acts 16:9-10, Acts 18:9-11, 2 Corinthians 12:1-6 

John: Revelation 1

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